Company Profile

Since its inception in 1992, EDC has seen the very nature of the design, detailing and drafting industry turn upon its head. Revolutionary breakthroughs in technology and software development have increased the effectiveness and capacity of design specialists such as EDC; placing the indispensible capacity of effective, efficient and timely design management in their hands.


With its head office located in Newcastle, NSW the company is owned and operated by Mr Chris Velovski and Mr Mark Bajorek and comprises of a large highly-trained team of engineers, building-information modellers, drafters and design specialists.


Core philosophy

EDC’s necessary evolution within its industry has seen it rethink the way it conducts business; to provide cost effective, accurate and all-encompassing design services to its clients. To do so it has had to effectively restructure the sequence between design and tender processes; core and pivotal roles that can often lead to disaster.


EDC offers innovative design-solutions and design-management services, aiming to provide its clients, as well as their consultants and contractors, with hands-on access to design-models and flawless detailing-specifications at the design phase and every phase thereafter.


Cutting-edge software allows a project to be systematically broken-down to a single bolt if necessary (complete with its dimensions, size and weight) and rebuilt – one assembly piece at a time – into a towering steel structure. Having remote-access to this information and critical-data from the very beginning of the design phase, saves both time and money during the procurement phase and in-turn construction phase of any given project; allowing the constructors to better plan their erection process.


EDC is able to provide accurate project tonnage-estimates during the design phase and flawless tonnage-measurements upon tender for fabricators and constructors. This allows the builder to get the very best price from both the fabricators and constructors ahead of time. Effectively fast-tracking and economising a lengthy process, which can be very costly if initial estimates are wrong, resulting in an inefficient management system.


Open communication-channels are vital to the successful design, procurement, construction, and sequencing procedures of any given project. EDC’s comprehensive remote-access software, interactive Building Information Models (BIM) and flawless design-solutions can provide just this.


Core technology

EDC utilises the very latest technology and state-of-the-art software such as AVEVA BoCADTekla Structures (X-Steel) and ProSteel. Moving away from limiting software systems that require twice the time to do half the work, EDC’s chosen software enable our design specialists to provide unparalleled design capabilities; further enabling cost-saving processes and removing limiting time-constraints for our client’s projects.


These software systems allow for the very best in all-encompassing Building Information Modelling (BIM), which enables effective information distribution and integration. EDC’s services provide valuable remote-access to interactive and intelligent (data rich) 3D-models, including individual-element breakdown and reassemble functionalities. This enables our clients the freedom to see, in detail, every part of their project, as well as the comprehensive specification-detailing of every piece of material used.


Model specifications

EDC is a specialist in structural-steel design. We create state-of-the-art interactive models specifically for the structural-steel needs of a project. Where a structural BIM concentrates on the engineer’s role in the design-process, our structural-steel focused FIMs look at the design-process from the perspective of the fabricator.


These Fabrication Information Models (FIM) are an important element within a BIM, providing not only a detailed comprehensive structural-steel details, but an integrated fabrication-management resource; providing fabricators with all the necessary information to ensure accurate and competitive estimates at all times.

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