EDC can provide the full spectrum of specialised engineering, drafting and modelling (BIM) services. To better understand any of the services that our highly-trained professionals can offer



EDC is a highly innovative firm with the technical expertise and experience necessary to create and incorporate complex 3D design-models for the structural/mechanical industry; helping our clients to revolutionise the way they construct their projects.

Our ability to think and design in 3D, combined with our extensive knowledge of structural steel and mechanical details, allows us to create precise 3D (BIM) models. The accuracy and extensive amount of critical data included in these models is then able to be used across a multitude of other workflows; saving you both time and money in reworking the models.

Having access to our precise 3D design-models from conception of the initial design-phase means less time is consumed with RFI processes, thereby minimizing associated schedule impacts. Any inaccuracies will be resolved prior to issuing for construction drawings, saving our clients time and money.

EDC is willing and prepared to have modelling teams visit your local locations, or provide the necessary resources and facilities for the consultancy team to visit EDC. Whichever the case may be, effective communication is a cornerstone of EDC; helping our clients to achieve larger, more in-depth, and better scheduled projects.

Having access to EDC’s detail-design models during the construction phase will provide a huge advantage; instantly recognisable as the procurement of competitively-priced materials becomes standard practice during any given project. These competitive prices exist as a direct result of the 3D design model and the many options for clients/builders/fabricators which can be implemented and integrated with other applications such as detailing-software and/or automotive fabrication-processes.


EDC aims to actively collaborate with its clients, becoming an indispensible partner during the design stages of any given project. The incorporation of EDC’s fully interactive 3D-models becomes an essential component during the construction phase of our client’s projects. By sub-contracting the structural-steel modelling requirements of a project to our highly trained specialists (which can create a connectionless FIM and add connections at a later date), your engineers will be able to better manage their project schedules more timely and efficiently; as they’ll have a comprehensive and interactive FIM resource to refer to at all times.

Our interactive models can be opened in all major engineering software-platforms, providing detailed steel-plans for the engineer’s benefit. Having access to both 3D-models and relevant steel-plans provides any fabricator the information they need to be able to provide market-competitive prices to keep costs low. Connections and fabricators standards can also be added to the model at a later date.


As larger projects are usually detailed, fabricated and erected in specific sequences, it is imperative that the exact match-lines of the sequences are established. This level of critical sequence-organisation usually requires input from most of the stakeholders in the building process. This can be better planned and scheduled by way of a visually accurate FIM (and in turn BIM); saving in design, erection and construction processes.


We are able to produce a material report for our customers on short notice, enabling the timely order and procurement of material from the merchant and mill. It can sometimes take months before any new material can be produced at the mill, hence the necessity to create and supply an accurate ABM so that our clients are able to maintain a schedule. This provides our client a more accurate and efficient planning process with the merchant and mills.


Within our detail plans we are capable of incorporating the exact positions of steel plates embedded in concrete. The precise locations of these embedded plates are of vital importance, as they can be used for connecting beams to concrete structures, allowing a better planning and construction process; which saves both time and money.


We are able to create electronic files such as CNC and DXF. These files can be used for nesting and cutting of plates allowing our clients to utilise the oxy-cutting or plasma-cutting process. DSTV-CNC files allow our client fabricators to use beamline machines to process beams in beamlines. This process can interface with most production systems, however, EDC can recommend AVEVA BoCAD-PS, as it’s a powerful and user-friendly system.


All created shop-drawings will be thoroughly checked and then sent to the consultants for review and approval process. These drawings will include all the necessary information required to make the required assembly members. The shop-drawings combined with the erection plans will make up the approval process.


After receiving the approved drawings back from the design team, we will update the drawings (if required) and prepare them for workshop issue. Fitting/part sheets will be created and sent, along with the approved shop assemblies and marking plans, to the fabricator. Our data-control department can turn around shop issues in a timely and efficient manner, helping our clients get their projects on site faster.


One highly-qualified project coordinator/leader will be dedicated to your project. All correspondence will be organised by our coordinator/leader and be relayed by the designated professional; this reduces the chance of error and duplication of paperwork. They will control our end of the project, but will be willing to assist stakeholders onsite if necessary. Having only one project-coordinator makes for a more efficient and streamlined process; ensuring your needs are met every step of the way, while the project is being coordinated efficiently at EDC.


All the separate steel assemblies that have been numbered according to the shop-drawing process can be found on these plans. This information combined with important erection details will enable the erector to finish the building process in a timely and efficient manner. We pride ourselves on our unblemished record of zero site-calls.


Not all building connections can be taken straight from the standard ASI handbook of steel construction. In these instances we are able to get these connections specifically designed. Our engineers will closely work together with the engineer of record, to ensure that these connections meet the job requirements. All EDC’s senior engineers have taken the appropriate design courses and have enough experience to propose a connection design to speed the process from IFA to IFC.


We can create precise and accurate plans showing the type, length and diameter of anchors in their exact position; allowing the civil team on site to install these accurately.


As a steel structure requires many different building components, communication and coordination between trade professionals is essential to ensure a smooth building process. We are able to coordinate with the necessary manufacturers and suppliers of concrete foundations, flooring systems, precast concrete, cladding, doors, etc. This provides the client with a better-integrated process, with less chance of error on site; saving site-costs and site-delays.

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